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Clear Metal PrintsAs a photographer and owner of a photo lab, I have worked numerous media (from matte to glossy paper, canvas, fine art paper, and acrylic) when printing photos. I have never seen a more remarkable surface to present photos than on metal(aluminum). I love the unique qualities of metal prints. For instance, if I want a more artistic quality to my images then I use the clear metal surface where the grain of aluminum is evident and gives the images an edgier look. If I'm looking for the colors of the image to "pop", I use the glossy solid metal surface, which gives the photo outstanding vibrancy and detail. For portraits and wedding images, I like the glossy matte surface. No matter what your style maybe there is always a good option with metal prints.

I have become so impressed with metal prints that I started this blog to share and discuss with you the many attributes, styles, and creative options of metal prints.

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