Instagram Photos

Your Instagram photos don’t have to be stuck on your phone. The square sizes of Instagram shots make them perfect for square metal print sizes. For instance, Pixel2Metal offers several square sizes ideal for Instagram pics. They range from 4”x4” all the way up to 24”x24”. In addition, we have some nice templates that you can you use to make a collage of Instagram photos. Don’t waste your Instagram photos: think outside the screen and turn them into personalized photo memories.

Metal Collage 8x8

Something cool for the coolest guy you know - Dad

We have designed some Father’s Day themed metal prints so its easy to say Thanks this Father’s Day. Nothing like a photo based gift, especially a metal print, to create an emotional impact and a meaningful gift for a lifetime. You can simply locate either a single panel metal print or a metal duet (stacked metal print) by selecting the style metal print you wish and then utilize the search by tags option to find Father’s Day themed metal prints.8x10-metal-PG-529-THUMBMA-94_8x10 on 11x14-THUMB

It's Hip to be Square

With the popularity of Instagram and cameras like the Holga there has been resurgence in square format photography.

In fact, square format photography has been around for many years.  Long before the digital age many photographers started in medium format with a camera that shot 6x6 cm negatives. However, today with Photoshop, Lightroom and other photo editing software you can easily you can take a photo and crop it square.

Why the appeal to Square Format Photography

The change in composition is refreshing and a new approach for many photographers. The simplicity of a square provides a certain inherent beauty and elegance to well a composed square image. There is little wasted space with a square photo. Eliminating any superfluous elements in your images can enhance them by just featuring the main subject.

With square format photography it comes back to having a single subject. You don’t want to split the viewer’s attention. You will want to move in close, or crop fairly tightly on the subject. By utilizing a single subject you will provide greater detail and add some depth to the image. Including some background for context is okay, but make sure that the background stays in the background

Square Metal Prints

Now that you have begun to shoot square images the question becomes what do you do with all those cool images. Well, we think at Pixel2Metal that they would look great on metal. Your square image becomes infused into a piece of aluminum. The metal print adds another dimension and uniqueness to your image(s). At Pixel2metal, we offer a variety of sizes and surfaces for your square images. For
single square prints, we offers the very popular 4”x4” and the larger 12”x12” metal prints. For those true lovers of square images we offer square metal duets. Your image is printed on a square metal panel that floats a ½ inch above another square metal print. The larger background metal print can be either another one of your images or one of our designer backgrounds.

pixel2metal square metal print

Get Creative with Your Photos

metal benelux 300x300 Add some creativity to your images by selecting one of our creative border shaped metal prints. The Pixel2Metal creative shaped metal prints come in two unique shapes. Both the Benelux and Milan styles are European inspired. These unique shapes are the latest trend in photography wall art displays and will add flare to any room in your home or office. The Benelux metal prints by Pixel2Metal are available in 11x8 and 15x11 inches. The Milan metal prints are available in 8x8 and 12x12. As with all Pixel2Metal prints they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so why not try something different with you photos. You will be pleasantly surprised how a different shape gives your photos an aesthetically pleasing appeal.
metal-milan 300x300