Do Something Special with Senior Portraits

For everyone involved (parents, grandparents, siblings) with a senior soon graduating from high school it is an extremely special time. It is a rite of passage to be remembered. The senior portrait is a milestone moment to be captured as the young adult emerges from a young child and hung between baby and future bridal portraits. Pixel2Metal has designed a couple of unique senior backgrounds for use with senior portrait images. These designer metal prints make a wonderful keepsake and gift for family and friends to cherish for years. Simply upload the senior portrait photo and align image within the background and add some text if you wish.senior pixel2metalsenior 2 pixel2metal

It's Hip to be Square

With the popularity of Instagram and cameras like the Holga there has been resurgence in square format photography.

In fact, square format photography has been around for many years.  Long before the digital age many photographers started in medium format with a camera that shot 6x6 cm negatives. However, today with Photoshop, Lightroom and other photo editing software you can easily you can take a photo and crop it square.

Why the appeal to Square Format Photography

The change in composition is refreshing and a new approach for many photographers. The simplicity of a square provides a certain inherent beauty and elegance to well a composed square image. There is little wasted space with a square photo. Eliminating any superfluous elements in your images can enhance them by just featuring the main subject.

With square format photography it comes back to having a single subject. You don’t want to split the viewer’s attention. You will want to move in close, or crop fairly tightly on the subject. By utilizing a single subject you will provide greater detail and add some depth to the image. Including some background for context is okay, but make sure that the background stays in the background

Square Metal Prints

Now that you have begun to shoot square images the question becomes what do you do with all those cool images. Well, we think at Pixel2Metal that they would look great on metal. Your square image becomes infused into a piece of aluminum. The metal print adds another dimension and uniqueness to your image(s). At Pixel2metal, we offer a variety of sizes and surfaces for your square images. For
single square prints, we offers the very popular 4”x4” and the larger 12”x12” metal prints. For those true lovers of square images we offer square metal duets. Your image is printed on a square metal panel that floats a ½ inch above another square metal print. The larger background metal print can be either another one of your images or one of our designer backgrounds.

pixel2metal square metal print

Enjoy Macro Photography

Macro Photography is fun way to shoot photos and can be done in your own backyard. Wikipedia defines Macro Photography as extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size. What I like about macro photography is that the simplest subject can take on a certain prominence when amplified. You will often be pleasantly surprised by the myriad of interesting details found in objects shot at close proximity. Whether it’s a fruit blossom, a bee, or a rose petal, there are a plethora of interesting subjects to photograph up close.

Bee on Eyeball Flower 400
Photo by J. Libertini

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind with macro photography:

  • 1. Switch to Manual Focus
When you are in autofocus mode you may notice your camera attempting to focus backwards and forwards to focus. To obtain a more precise and quicker focus, I recommend switching to manual mode.

  • 2. Light
You will want to shoot in the early morning or late afternoon to capture the best natural light. Often in the morning, a drop of dew will be on a flower, which can add to the image. Additionally, an off-camera fill-in-flash can ad to an image.

  • 3. Keep it Steady
Camera shake is especially noticeable in macro photography. I recommend using a tripod and a remote release to fire the shutter button so you don’t touch the camera. Also it is helpful to use quicker shutter speeds and make sure your image stabilization is on.

  • 4. Depth of Field
Use apertures to control the depth of field. Select a small aperture like f/16 or even f/22.

  • 5. Composition
Make it interesting by experimenting shooting at different angels. Also, have the subject fill 75% of the area. And don’t forget to be mindful of the background. Remove anything that can be distracting.

  • 6. Patience
From experience, I find it is best to wait and be patient for curious insects to settle in a place rather than chasing them around. Insects are curious by nature and they will often come to you if you are in the right setting.