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Vibrant Image

Metal prints offer brillant colors, superior durability, and archival qualities. The clarity and depth of the image are truly remarkable.

photo: San Diego, CA

Why Choose Our Metal Prints?

High Definition

Since your image is encapsulated between the surface coating and the base metal, a light-box type effect occurs giving your image color depth and superior clarity.

Vibrant Colors

Our sublimation dyes have uniquely bright and glowing colors in a large gamut which creates a visually stunning image with remarkable color and vibrancy.


Your photo is infused directly into specially coated aluminum panels so they are scratch resistant, fade resistant, waterproof, and flame resistant.


Our metal prints can be cleaned with a soft cloth and any all-purpose cleaner. Additionally, they don't need an expensive frame, matting or glass to display.


Various Applications

Metal prints are the preferred medium for displaying artwork and photography for both residential and commercial settings. Available in variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes to meet the demand of any application.

Photo: Granite, Montana

Metal Print Products

Pixel2Metal offers a wide selection of metal print products to showcase your photos in a creative manner. We offer various sizes, shapes, and finishes to make your metal print uniquely your own.

made to last

Superior Durability

Professional photographers choose metal prints in part for their longevity. Metal prints last FOUR TIMES longer than phographic paper. Metal prints are rated to last at least 100 years.

photo: Lake Elsinore, CA

I was referred to Pixel2Metal by a friend that told me they are the "Best". I strongly agree! Their passion for printing and photography is abundantly apparent in their outstanding metal prints.
Jenn T.
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