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Metal Print Display Options

Pixel2Metal offers several metal print display options to showcase your photos.

Metal Easel

Metal Print with Metal Easel Stand
A metal easel is attached to the back of the metal print for either vertical or horizontal display. This is a good way to display a metal print intended to sit on a table or shelf. The metal easel is recommended for sizes 4x4 up to 8x12.

Float Mount Hanger

Metal Print Wall Hanging Mount

Float Mount Hanger Version 1

Our float mount hanger is attached to the back of the metal print and floats the print 1/2" off the wall to add depth. This is an incredibly easy and economical way to hang your metal print as it rests securely off the wall on a single nail. Ideal for metal prints sized 8x10 to 16x24.

metal print wire wall hanging mount

Float Mount Hanger Version 2 (wire)

Another version of the float mount hanger except we added a wire. We found many artists wish to display their work in galleries and some require a wire hanging mechanism. This is an economical and easy way to hang a metal print when a wire is required on the back of the metal print.

3/4" Deep Inset Frame

metal print inset frame wall hanging
The inset frame is attached to the back of the metal print and recessed from the edges. The 3/4" inset frame gives the metal print depth as it appears to float off the wall. This display option is recommended for sizes 20x30 and larger.