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Fall Colors Eastern Sierra

Not many people don't think of California when they think of seeing fall colors. However, California does have a few locations that you can capture glowing golden and crimson fall colors. In particular, the landscape of the Eastern Sierra with its rugged canyons, flowing streams, and brilliant sky makes for a wonderful backdrop to colors of autumn. One of the nice features of the Eastern Sierra is that the varied elevation from 5,000 to 10,000 feet allows for the trees peak color to occur at different times depending on the elevation. In the Eastern Sierra you will find aspen, cottonwood and willow trees that change color during autumn. The intensity of the colors depends on the air temperature and moisture. If the days are warm and dry and the evenings cool (under 45F) this is ideal for brilliant colors. However, if the days are rainy and the nights warm the fall colors will be less intense. Some of the locations to consider when attempting to photograph the fall colors in the Eastern Sierra are Rock Creek, Mammoth Lakes, June Lake loop, Lundy Canyon, and Tioga Pass. I took the photo below at McGee Creek.