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Take Better Children Photos

Creating a photo record to display your child's growth is a wonderful way to capture a lifetime of memories. Here are a few tips to make those photos best reflect a child's personality.

Get Down to the Child's Eye Level
Getting down to a child's eye level will easily change the image of the child. When you photograph a child from their level you gain a different perspective and you to feel more in the moment with the child. The child will be more comfortable thus allowing you to capture their personality. Additionally, it will help avoid photos of the tops of their heads which is common when photographing down towards the child.

Get Closer
You can capture so much of a child's character when you tightly focus on the child. You can accomplish this by either zooming in on the child using your lens or simply physically move closer. Photos taken without a close focus often contain unwanted items that distract from the image. Therefore, I suggest getting so tight that you are cutting a bit of the head or chin. You’ll be pleased how closely focused images look.

Use Props
Get creative and use toys, clothing, gadgets or furniture as props. The use of props often puts children at ease and will allow you to photograph playful moments. Your photos will be more animated and filled with happy smiles.

Pixel2Metal's most popular metal print surface for portraits is the matte finish.

Baby Close up