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Beach Photography

If you are lucky enough to live near a beach you may want to search out a pier. These massive structures that stretch into the ocean can make for an incredible photograph especially when made into a metal print. The colors at sunrise and sunset along with the waves look great particularly on glossy solid metal prints.

oceanside pier
Photo by J. Libertini

How To
As with landscape photography, early in the morning and late in the day offer that desired warm light and long shadows to create mood and atmosphere, to best photograph piers. Whether it is a blue sky on a clear day or a dark thundery storm is approaching you will have an excellent backdrop for these imposing architectural wonders. Although you may not capture the full expanse of a pier shooting underneath it, you will have an opportunity to get up close with the barnacles and other sea creatures that make interesting subjects. Another interesting technique is to turn the pier into a silhouette; this is accomplished by exposing for the sky rather than the pier.

I hope you have a chance this summer to enjoy the beach and take several interesting photographs.